What We Do For Our Business Customers

So they can get to work.

Our goal is to make sure that our customers don't ever notice their technology infrastructure. We specialize in small to medium sized businesses with clients ranging from five employees to over two hundred. Our services are flexible and meet the needs of each individual client. Some folks want full service IT while others just want to call us when something really big breaks.

Managed Services

The best way we can guarantee the best service is to create a managed service contract. This means that we will monitor all of your IT infrastructure and make sure problems are stopped before even notice them. For most of our customers, this is a simple monthly fee and typically includes email, antivirus, and other basic services. The client still receives a full write-up of the work done at the end of every month so they know what they're paying for. We'll sit down with you every six months to make sure your price is fair.

We can also handle much more than just email and PCs. Our staff have over four decades of experience managing server infrastructure, networks, VOIP, and wireless infrastructure.

Email and Office365

Email used to require an on-prem server and constant worry about down-time. With Office365, email is full on-prem, online, and on the go via the Outlook App for Android and iOS. We centrally manage all of the email services and can provide full services including account opening, password reset, and other troubleshooting with just an email or phone call. No office visit needed.

Did you know thta Office365 is more than just email? You can also get Microsoft office and even online storage to go with your email subscription. If your business is ready to really take the next step, we can also offer centrally managed collaboration and task management software - all using the same login as your email.

VOIP Phone Services

If you're ready to move on from your old phone company, Tech Corp can help you move to the next level of voice over IP (VOIP) phone service. Our VOIP packages include setup, maintenance, and cloud services associated with your phones.

PC and Network Protection

We offer the latest in centrally managed PC and network protection using Cylance. This unique software can detect threats that haven't been added to most antivirus libraries. No updating and no definition downloads necessary. We automatically roll out the latest protection the moment it's available.


Creating a great website is a challenge. We can offer multiple solutions from static sites to sites that you can edit live whenever you want. Most importantly, all the websites we build are mobile ready, meaning your customers can find you no matter the device they're on.

Anything Else

While we've listed just a few of our most common services, chances are we can deliver the service you need. Contact us using the form below so we can start the discussion.

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