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PCs, Tablets, Smart Watches, even Smart TVs - We can do that

Our goal is to make sure that your technology makes your life easier, not harder. Smartphones, tablets, WiFi, and smart house applications were all created with that concept in mind, but they don't always work that way. Tech Corp handles all of these issues and can make sure that all of your devices just work. Plain and simple.

PC Maintenance

Personal Computers work great out of the box for hte most part, but within a few years they can feel sluggish. Some PCs don't even make that long. It doesn't mean you need a new one or hundreds of dollars in upgrades.

With Tech Corp, you'll get a fair price and a solution that fits your budget. In a lot of cases, some small changes can go a long way in making your computer last longer and work better.

PC and Network Protection

The point of most antivirus and other PC protection softwares is to stay in the background and keep your data and computer safe. But how do you keep up with Ransomware or the "hack of the week" news cycle?

Tech Corp offers remotely managed antivirus that requires no upkeep from you for about the cost of a regular antivirus subscription. You'll be protected by custom policies along with all of our other clients, big and small. By working this way, it means we'll know the instant there's a threat to your computer.

Smartphone Setup

For devices that for the most part are supposed to be 'the same', smartphones require a lot of time to set up properly. In some cases, they are confoundingly different and have settings that don't seem to make sense. We help with everything from picking the right phone for you, to setting up your new or existing phone to work they way you need it to.

Home Networking and Wireless

With Smart Homes, Smart Phones, and lighting fast internet speeds, you want all of your devices connected all the time. We have solutions big and small, wired and non-wired, to keep your home connected.

Managed Services

What if we told you that you never have to buy a computer again? Just pay a monthly fee and your computer will just work. Even better, depending on your preference, a new one will come to replace it every few years. All without talking to a teenager trying to upsell you at the big box stores.

We offere several levels of service that will fit your budget and keep your devices working. Or, you can pay us by the hour for a reasonable hourly rate. We offer the service you need at a price that works for you.

Email and Office365

Office365 is Microsoft's new solution to keep your documents, email, and programs up to date with whatever device you're using. We can offer you the same price for you Office365 subscription with added services.


Creating a great website is a challenge. We can offer multiple solutions from static sites to sites that you can edit live whenever you want. If you're interested personal website to showcase your hobby or side business, we can help with that.

Anything Else

While we've listed just a few of our most common services, chances are we can deliver the service you need. We'll even give you advice on which streaming service or smartwatch is right for you. That's why we're here. Contact us using the form below so we can start the discussion.

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